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An Addendum for Ben's Roofing Services in Sarnia

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. The work is to be performed in accordance with the drawing and specifications submitted and completed in a workmanlike manner.

Note: This proposal may be withdrawn by Ben's Roofing if not accepted within 30 days.

Any alteration or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All agreements are contingent upon strike, accident or delays beyond our control. Owner will carry fire, windstorm and other necessary insurance on above work. Workman's Compensation and General Liability is carried by Ben's Roofing.

1. Material is delivered directly from our supplier. Please notify us immediately if the colour is not what you specified. We will need access to your driveway to load shingles and clean work area. Please keep your driveway clear of vehicles.

2. Remove all items from around the house; patio/pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment etc. Roofing debris and or materials may fall. If you have low hanging branches over your roof, some trimming will be necessary. Please unlock any locked gates. We must have access around the perimeter of your home.

3. Be prepared for noise. Remove all loose items from walls and shelves, pictures, plates, figurines, etc. The constant hammering may cause sufficient enough vibration to shake these items from walls/shelves.

4. Please see that electrical power is provided to the outside of your home. Electrical and telephone, security and air conditioning lines should not be run directly beneath the roof deck.

5.Ben's Roofing is not responsible for the re-alignment of satellite dishes. Homeowner is responsible for calling Satellite Company to re-align.

6.For valuable consideration received, and as a substantial and material inducement to Ben's Roofing to deliver roofing material and dumpsters to contracted homeowner at the request of the convenience of the undersigned homeowner, such homeowner does hereby absolutely, unconditionally, and irrevocable agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Ben's Roofing harmless from and against any and all claims of property damage to the driveway, entryway or access way servicing any and each homeowner property that arises, directly or indirectly, from the homeowners request that Ben's Roofing enter upon said homeowner property for the purpose of delivering roofing materials/supplies and dumpsters.

7.Flatbed trailer will be placed on driveway to receive old shingles and to load roofing materials. 1"X6" board will be placed in eavestrough to protect it from the ladder. We will only tear off as much roof as we can replace that work day pending weather.

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